The Secret Scoop

Hi there! Disneyland really is the Happiest Place on Earth. And everything tastes better there. While Eat Like Walt is a time capsule of Walt’s life, I have my own insider secrets from the park today.

Marcy's Secret Scoop

Next time you go to Coca Cola Refreshment Corner and enter through the main entrance, look up.

You’ll see that one bulb, tucked in the back, is painted half red and half white. That’s because when the sockets were installed in 1955, they were one socket short. In order to keep the red and white pattern going, the genius low-tech solution was to paint one bulb both colors.  As it was original to Opening Day, the special bulb survived the recent refurbishment, and remains today.


All corn dogs are not created, or cooked, equally at Disneyland. The Little Red Wagon, located next to the Plaza Inn (an homage to the Opening Day restaurant that stood there first in 1955, the Red Wagon Inn, and its sponsor Swift’s brand icon) and the Stage Door Café.  The Stage Door Café’s line is often shorter and faster, however the corn dogs there are cooked in the same oil as the mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, fish and french fries.  The Little Red Wagon has designated oil and cooks only one thing – corn dogs. So purists may choose to wait in the longer line for a tastier treat.

There is a border between Frontierland and New Orleans Square. It’s distinctive yet easy to miss.  The Frontierland side has a wooden railing and the New Orleans Square side has the signature wrought iron. A planter filled with rosemary separate the two.


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